The Web AMC Portal

The AMC Portal System is designed to be a modular, easy-to-access platform that can be easily adjusted for customer needs. End users can access it from virtually anywhere using common platforms available on the market (responsive front-end design − computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone). 
The modular architecture of the system allows the customer to adjust the functionalities of the system based on their environment and organizational needs for the most suitable solution. It can be used as a stand-alone ASM system, a CIS system or a UTM system with additional functionalities for airspace design, analytics and statistics, MET, AIS, ATM systems integration, involvement of other state users, including a module for STATE and emergency services, and many more. The web AMC Portal is a focal point for interaction between all stakeholders involved in the ASM, CIS and UTM processes.
Anonymous users can get basic information needed for pre-flight briefing in graphic or text form, 24 hours in advance (real-time airspace status, UAS operations, NOTAM, AUP/UUP).
Registered users can use the full potential of the services of the ASM, CIS and UTM system as well as book airspace and receive the approval for their flight operations. This feature is adjustable based on the management of the user level in the system according to the desired user policy.
A payment module is also available depending on the payment policy of the customer.  
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The AMC Portal Mobile

Using the web AMC Portal since 2017, CCL’s Development Team timely recognized the exponential growth of small UAS operations. To meet the Field Expert Team’s requirements, in 2018, the AMC Portal Mobile application was developed and tested, and finally put into operation in January 2019. UAS operators and remote pilots accepted the AMC Portal very quickly, as it made their user experience even better, and allowed them to fly up to 120 m just a few minutes after their request. With the introduction of the AMC Portal Mobile application and the automated approval process, U-Space has been established in Croatia in practice even before the EU regulatory framework adopted the concept.
At the same time, the need for UAS operations by emergency services was recognized, and a special version of the AMC Portal Mobile was developed to include special procedures for emergency services, based on their actual needs in the operational environment.  
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Approval Time


Drones (UAS)
- 5 km away from the runway, in the CTR, up to 50 m
- outside of the CTR, up to 120 m


All activities in published areas
Flexible Use of Airspace
Already prepared structures, modular fragmented airspace


All immediate response state actions
- the military, police, SAR, medical operations, etc.
- drones (UAS)


The AD-HOC request by a civil user for activities in the vicinity of an airport (CTR)