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Emergency Response : SAR (HGSS)

Tags: SAR

SAR operations today are becoming inconceivable without the use of unmanned aircraft systems. That is now proven in everyday practice, not only during training but also in real life emergency response operations. The UAS technology made it easier to sweep highly inaccessible terrain or vast expanses of terrain and to spot those in need of urgent assistance. It would be foolish to save lives by endangering others, so using UASs in a safe way is a major concern. One of the crucial things during SAR operations is not to waste any time. The AMC Portal is a key enabler to launch UAS-assisted SAR operations almost instantly, anywhere in airspace. Using the AMC Portal System and procedures in place, first responders can tactically secure any portion of airspace to conduct search and rescue operations safely. Supporting operations through the AMC Portal not only secures airspace for SAR operations but also alerts other UAS users and any concerned traffic of such activities in their vicinity via air traffic control.

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