Civil Aviation Authorities

Overseeing the management of airspace in this age of drone technology can be challenging for Civil Aviation Authorities.
The AMC Portal is a highly operational system that enables aviation authorities to manage UAS operations and keep their airports safe from disruptions and unfortunate accidents.


The AMC Portal enables communication and workflow within an ATM/ASM body. It is designed as a means of communication connecting civilian users with state approved agencies, thus enabling direct communication between airspace users and the national ASM system as well as other relevant state agencies. The automatic approval process with an integrated direct communication channel gives the users instant access to airspace, but at the same time leaves room for the ANSP to react in case of need or an emergency situation.

Without continual growth and progress, we fail to achieve our full potential.



The AMC Portal enables an easy and comprehensive insight into planned and active reservations in airspace (P, R, D, TSA, TRA areas, etc.) and also provides an overview of the UAS positions. Competent services now have a real-time insight into the real locations and current activities of UAS systems, as well as the opportunity to communicate directly with each currently active UAS user via the AMC Portal. If necessary, it is also possible to stop individual or group activities in a given area in case of unforeseen events.






Providers of Common Information Services (CIS)

The AMC Portal System covers the provision of CIS services, allowing states to meet the requirements for CIS provision and dynamic reconfiguration and publication of

Providers of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Services

The system is compliant with all necessary U-Space services ((EU) 2021/664) and the network identification service depends on the identification system that the U-Space provider already has or wants to integrate separately into the system.

Security Services

The increase in the presence of drones in airspace has created a challenge for security services. With the AMC Portal, security services and state agencies such as the police, the military, firefighters, and Search and Rescue Teams can tactically book airspace in real time via their operational centers. All other users operating in the vicinity are instantly informed and requested to abort their operations in order to ensure higher safety levels for all operations. It can also be used by the police to quickly identify an unregistered UAS user who was not granted access for performing their operations in a sensitive or protected airspace. The police and defense services can implement the AMC Portal as a tool for the identification of legal drones, in order to combat potential threats and illegal drone activities.
The AMC Portal also manages all military operations in airspace and supports all airspace segregation needs in real time.

Case Study – How Croatian Police Uses the AMC Portal System to Combat Illegal Drone Activities

Emergency Services & Search and Rescue Teams

SAR operations as well as other operations by emergency services are high on the the priority list , no matter the means of conducting them . That is why it is crucial to make a fast and safe access to the airspace to perform their operations whenever, wherever.

Without continual growth and progress, we fail to achieve our full potential.

Private Drone Operators

Users can book their portion of airspace in a simple way and get their request approved in no time. All registered users can obtain all necessary permissions and clearances to perform their activities in airspace, fast and simple, from their smartphones, tablets, computers, and other ‘smart’ means of communication. The graphic overview of information provides improved awareness and has positive effects on safety and security.